Cooking School Season 1, 2018

Weekend Feasts

Our weekend feasts celebrate the cuisine of a particular nation or offer an in-depth exploration of seasonal produce. They allow you the time to get to know a little more about the food, flavours and traditions of a culture or cuisine and enjoy a long, conversation filled lunch around the String + Salt table.

Kitchen 101

Our weeknight 101 series is about mastering kitchen skills and adding new techniques to your kitchen repetoire. Whether it be mastering pastry, pasta or basic home cheese making, these classes will boost your kitchen confidence and inspire you to make real food from scratch. All our kitchen 101 classes include a light meal and refreshments.

Kids in the Kitchen Classes

Our school holiday series of cooking classes is a great fun way to get kids into the kitchen and learning to cook with you and for themselves.


Street Food Series

We're taking advantage of the warm weather to host a series of summer outdoor classes featuring traditional street food by some of our favourite presenters.