Wok + Spices

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2019 - Season 2 - Wok and Spices.jpg
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Wok + Spices


Saturday 1 June, 10.00am to 3.00pm
Cindy Powell, String + Salt

A class inspired by Cindy and her family's food story.

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Cindy was born in small town in Ipoh, Malaysia into a local Chinese Malaysian family. Cindy is known for her fantastic hawker fare and and incredibly fragrant curries and regional Malay cuisine but in this class Cindy will draw on inspiration from her Chinese heritage.

Cindy’s food story is closely interwoven with the story of her family.  The dishes she shares in her classes were cooked and taught to her by her beloved nanny and her mother who cooked professionally her entire life. 

In this hands-on class focused on comfort and nostalgia, Cindy will prepare her favourite warming dishes from China and Malaysia, foods she enjoyed in her childhood, eating together as a family

The menu will include goji berry + lemongrass welcome tea, curry puffs. Yong Tau Fu (Stuffed Bean Curd), Chicken Curry served with spicy peanut sauce + mixed herb rice, Trio stir fry, combination of Brinjal, Okra + Green Beans with Minced Pork, Grilled banana with coconut ice cream