Like Mamma Said

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2019 - Season 2 - Like Mumma Said.jpg
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Like Mamma Said


Wednesday 1st May, 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Francesco Laera, Trulli Pizzeria

Cucina povera. Food from a humble kitchen.

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 Francesco is from the Italian region of Puglia - the heel of the boot - and was raised in a small town called Locorotondo - home to the Trulli valley. These buildings were built with thick walls and conical roofs, using only stone and no concrete. They were used for houses, barns and general storage. They pepper the area in varying states of repair from beautiful working B&B’s to farms, to crumbling in paddocks.

The area is made up of farming families, practising the original ‘farm to plate’ mentality. Maria, Francesco’s mother, makes everything from scratch with the animals and plants raised and grown on the farm. Francesco grew up in this environment. They term it ‘cucina povera’. Humble kitchen. Simplicity is the key in letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

Francesco keeps true to the ingredients, preferring simple techniques to bring you your ultimate comfort food. You won’t find boxes and jars in his kitchen….but your nose (and stomach) will certainly lead you to the table!

We’re super excited to welcome Francesco to the S&S Kitchen for traditional Pugliese fare including Panzerotto Pugliese and handmade Orecchiette con braciole di vitello.