Hot + Spicy Sichuan

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2019 - Season 2 - Sichuan.jpg
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Hot + Spicy Sichuan


Saturday 22nd June, 10am to 3pm
Natasha Vorogushin, Tashcancook

Add a little spice into your Winter

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Spice up your Winter menu with the bold flavours of garlic, chillies and Sichuan pepper in this traditional Chinese cooking class with String + Salt regular Natasha Vorogushin.

One of the most talented and knowledgeable foodies we know, Natasha has a passion and flair for flavourful traditional cooking and entertaining friends and family. While her surname may suggest more of  her European heritage, Natasha’s mum was born in Shanghai and passed many Chinese traditions and recipes on to her . 

Come along for a hands on experience making chilli oil wontons from scratch, Mapo Tofu (soft braised tofu with pork mince in a spicy sauce), Pork & Pepper stir fry. Kou Shui Ji Chicken (steamed chicken with ginger, garlic and chilli sauce) Chao tu dou si (Shredded Potato Stir Fry), Spicy Sichuan eggplant and a cooling cucumber and & coriander Salad

This a great class to spice up your kitchen repertoire and experience authentic Asian flavours that you can recreate at home.