My Satay Feast


My Satay Feast


Saturday 18th November, 10am to 3pm
Cindy Powell, String + Salt

Satay, one of the most popular Asian flavours.


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Cindy was born in small town in Ipoh, Malaysia into a local Chinese Malaysian family. Once a booming tin mining town during the British colonial era, today, Ipoh is best well known for its hawker fare and local dishes, some of which are hard to find anywhere else in Malaysia.

Cindy’s mother was a chef by trade, and Cindy spent much of her leisure time helping her mother in her restaurants learning the correct way to select and prepare the best produce. This passion for food was passed down to Cindy and, in turn, she developed a love of exploring the art of cooking through improvisation, experimentation and, of course, sharing with family and friends.

In this class you will explore the flavours of Satay. Cindy will be presenting her take and tips on one of the important, traditional Malay dishes that she grew up cooking with her mum in her home country.

Cindy will take you through the marinating and grilling of a number of different satay recipes, as well as salad accompaniments, side dishes and traditional Malay pressed rice cake.

Cindy’s classes are always very tasty, lots of fun and full of recipes you can replicate easily at home.