My Malay Heart: Kelantan Feast

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Copy of Cindy Powell
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My Malay Heart: Kelantan Feast


Saturday 9th September, 10am to 2pm
Cindy Powell, String + Salt

Malay cuisine is a fusion of flavours and cultures. This series explores region and cultural specialties of Malaysia.

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Cindy was born in small town in Ipoh, Malaysia into a local Chinese Malaysian family. Once a booming tin mining town during the British colonial era, today, Ipoh is best well known for its hawker fare and local dishes, some of which are hard to find anywhere else in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a land of delicious delicacies and each geographical terrain has its unique cuisine with numerous variations and flavours. In this installation of My Malay Heart we will explore the unique cuisine of Kelantan.

Kelantan is a very conservative state in Malaysia, also known as the home of the Malay palaces. Due to its close proximity to Southern Thailand, the food is influenced by Thai culture and taste.

Cindy spent a great part of her childhood in Kelantan and the recipes she will be sharing in this class are her favourites, as they were cooked and taught by hers nanny.  

Whenever Cindy cooks at String + Salt we always have passers-by lured in by the delicious aromas. People follow their noses into the shop just to enquire what delicious thing we are cooking upstairs.