Casava + Cashews: A Taste of Brazil

Season One 2018 - Brazilian.jpg
Season One 2018 - Brazilian.jpg

Casava + Cashews: A Taste of Brazil


Saturday 21st April, 10:00am to 3:00pm
Manuel Santeiro, The Independent Gembrook

Join Manuel on this exciting culinary journey and experience something truly unique

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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Manuel came to Australia in 2004 to finish his studies in Hospitality Management but his life long passion for cooking and food led him on the path to became a chef.

He always loved to cook, may it be helping his grandmother prepare family feasts on Sundays, trying recipes from magazines and cook books or hosting dinner parties for friends, from the young age of 14.

He considers himself lucky to have worked with renown chefs such as Mauro Calegary and Gary Mehigan at Fenix, Carmine Costantine from Café Cucina, Neil Cunningham from Mandala Winery and at Builders Arms with Andrew McConnell

His first role as Events Head Chef was at True South, followed by The Independent in Gembrook, where he currently still creates celebrations for the tastebuds alongside the talented Mauro Callegari.

He is excited to showcase Brazilian food and its’ diversity and its authentic flavours, influenced by Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German and Japanese cuisines. Especially the influx of African slaves left an enormous imprint on this concoction of culture.

Join Manuel on this exciting culinary journey and experience something truly unique, including Feijoada, pork and black bean stew, Bacalao Fritters, chicken pastry, only to name a few items on the menu.