Homestyle Baltic Cooking


Homestyle Baltic Cooking


Saturday 25th November, 10am to 3pm
Dave Cann, String + Salt

Humble, homemade food inspired by Dave's recent trip back to his mother's homeland of Estonia.

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We truly believe that the best food is humbly homemade, and the food of the Baltic States is never complicated but focuses unpretentious seasonal ingredients and is designed to shared with love.

Dave's inspiration for this class will come from their recent trip back to his mum's Baltic homeland of Estonia - a country which he is also a citizen - and cooking some of his flavourite dishes from the region.

This class will draw on with a fierce tradition of foraging and cooking with seasonal produce with traditional Estonian soups, seafood and desserts, including gravalax, sauerkraut and kanelbullar – cinnamon Scrolls and Latvian Goat’s Cheese Cheesecakes

Our favourite part of each class is sharing the food you’ve helped prepare around the String + Salt table.