A Very S+S Christmas

2018 - Season 4 - Mich.jpg
2018 - Season 4 - Mich.jpg

A Very S+S Christmas


Saturday 17th November, 10.00am to 3.00pm
Michelle Cann, String + Salt

What Mich would cook for Christmas Day.

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Mich grew up the grand daughter of Don Bone, aptly named pork butcher of 50 years. Mich’s Christmas lunch for the last 35 years has rarely strayed from the delicious but predictable roast pork, roast vegetables and plum pudding with custard. ‘We still continue with this tradition,  because it is our tradition, because it is frankly delicious and because it reminds us of Papa.

‘While I adore the comfort and  familiarity of this meal and the love with which it is prepared, given the opportunity I would, choose to cook something more fitting of the Australian summer, something that celebrates the sheer variety of seasonal produce and give a nod to our deliciously multicultural country.’

Come along and share a generous Christmas meal utilising String + Salts great catalogue of herbs, spices and teas and taking flavours from all around the world. 

This hands on class will feature

  • Juniper and orange gravlax with avocado and pomegranate 

  • Jerk seasoned Christmas turkey with all the trimmings

  • Savoury sweet potato crumble

  • Slow cooked ginger, cider and miso glazed pork

  • Grilled summer peaches with raddichio and orange blossom

  • Strawberries in sloe gin with, basil and creme fraiche ice cream.