Yum Cha at Home

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Season Three 2018 - Yum Cha.jpg

Yum Cha at Home


Thursday 16th August, 10am to 2pm
Natasha Vorogushin, Tash Can Cook

Discover the secrets of traditional Yum Cha with Natasha.

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Who doesn’t love Yum Cha? Letting your guests take their pick of plentiful steaming dumplings and savoury morsels  is a great way to entertain   Natasha will teach you how to prepare a traditional Yum Cha meal  you can enjoy with family and friends. 

One of the most talented and knowledgeable foodies we know, Natasha  has a passion and flair for flavourful traditional cooking and entertaining friends and family, While her surname may suggest more of  her European heritage, Natasha’s mum was born in Shanghai and passed many Chinese traditions and recipes on to her . 

She will shar her favourite recipes for many authentic Yum Cha favourites including Jaozi, (Prawn Dumplings)  Luo Bo Gao (Chinese Radish Cake), Sticky Beef Buns, Fu Pei Guen (Bean Curd Skin Rolls) and Siu Mai.

At the end of the class  gather around the S+S table and share in the joy of  passing around plates and uncovering steamers;  fumbling chopsticks and feasting upon all the  delicious bite sized dishes you have made.