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Waste Free Home


Wednesday 17th October, 6:30pm to 9pm
Tammy Logan, Gippsland Unwrapped

Learn how to make a difference in your own home.

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In the War on Waste, Tammy Logan is an inspiration.

While always conscience to control her environmental footprint, Tammy’s Waste Free journey really took off after taking part in the Plastic Free July Challenge and actively refusing all single-use plastic for one month. The idea appealed so much, that she started the challenge a month early – and couldn’t stop when the challenge ended.

Since then, Tammy has actively pursued a zero waste lifestyle, finding many of the plastic free solutions involved no waste at all and were transferable to other parts of her life. Now her family produces less than one handful of landfill and one bucket of recycling per week.

Join us for an inspiring presentation to learn how it is possible to live with far less plastic and waste than you might have thought possible. Tammy will share simple tips and honest stories about how her family has significantly reduced their household rubbish so that you can do it too.

Topics covered:

  • Why plastic and waste is a problem.

  • How individuals and small every-day actions can make a difference

  • Understanding the Waste Hierarchy

  • How to reduce consumption and therefore your waste

  • Applying circular economy principles at home, and,

  • Lots of examples on how to reduce waste in the bathroom, laundry, study, garden, kitchen, and when out and about.

A light, waste-free meal will be provided as part of the evening.

Limit of 2 tickets per customer.