Food as Medicine: Fighting Inflammation

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Food as Medicine: Fighting Inflammation


Saturday 13th October, 10am to 3pm
Melanie Leeson, Mettle & Grace

Start your journey off into fermented and cultured foods

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Mel has worked as a chef with a focus on vegetarian and whole foods for a number of years including stints as head chef at Monk Bodhi Dharma, My Goodness Organics and Pressed Juices. She recently launched her own business Mettle + Grace offering one-on-one personalised meal planning and cooking classes especially aimed at individuals with allergies, intolerances and food restrictions  

Chronic inflammation is linked to a host of diseases and conditions including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, depression and alzheimers. Excessive inflammation can be triggered by the foods we eat. In this class Mel will share lots of delicious dairy free, plant and seafood based recipes for main meals, snacks and desserts all rich in inflammation fighting nutrients including antioxidants and polyphenols and a balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, .

Mel’s recipes are designed to help heal and energise your body and avoid causing stress and inflammation by avoiding refined sugars, fats and carbohydrates.

Using whole and unprocessed seasonal foods, Mel’s recipes are rich in healthy natural fats from oily fish and cold pressed oils and aim to incortporate plenty of dark leafy greens, berries, oily fish, nuts, herbs and spices like turmeric all proven to help fight chronic inflammation in the body.

Mel loves to show her students how to utilise fresh herbs and spices to add flavour and colour to recipes without adding processed sauces, condimentsor sweeteners and to remove the worry of preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, thickeners and flavouring enhancers.

In this class we will make recipes including Green Banana Smoothies, Bok Choy + Broccoli Salad with Ginger Dressing, Summer Spelt Salad, Sardine Salsa with Tomatoes on grilled Sourdough, Italian Tomato Salad, Cranberry, Currant + Pistachio Balls, Coconut + Turmeric Pie, and a Raw Berry Cheesecake

This is a great class for anyone wanting to incorporate more nourishing foods into their daily eating.