Curds + Whey

Special Release 2018 - Curds + whey.jpg
Special Release 2018 - Curds + whey.jpg

Curds + Whey


Thursday 22nd November, 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Michelle Cann, String + Salt

With Michelle's help and tricks you'll be surprised how achievable and delicious it can be to make luscious fresh cheese.

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Living in the heart of one of the best dairy regions in the country, it makes sense to learn a few things to make with the fantastic milk our local farmers produce. In  this fresh cheese making class Michelle will guide you through making curds from fresh milk, making simple whole milk Ricotta, Queso Fresco, squeaky fresh Haloumi as well as practice stretching  your own Mozzarella.

Cheese making can seem intimidating, but with Michelle’s help  you’ll be surprised how achievable and delicious it can to make luscious fresh cheese at home. Mich will also share a few recipes to use up the plentiful whey you will be left with from the cheese making process. 

As well as making cheese together, you will get to enjoy the cheeses used in seasonal salads and cooked on homemade pizza.

One taste of your fresh homemade cheese and you will be hooked.