Pickling & Preserving

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2020 - Practiculture - Preserve.jpg

Pickling & Preserving


Saturday 7th March, 10 am to 3 pm
Natasha Vorogushin, Tash Can Cook

Learn to make well flavoured and set jams and relishes, and how to pickle a variety of seasonal produce.

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When we first tasted Natasha’s Nectarine and Poppy Seed Jam and her home brewed peach cider, we knew she had to join the S+S team. Natasha grows and forages much of her produce, makes wonderful jams, preserves and pickles even makes her own wine from the grapes growing in her backyard.

In this hands on celebration of bountiful summer produce she will show you how to ensure the perfect set and balance of sweetness and tartness in your jams, share her secret pickling brine and help you to safely preserve a tasty selection of vegetables of the kind you won’t find in a supermarket aisle.

You will also learn the principles of bottling homegrown stone fruit and how to make tasty, tangy curds from your citrus.

This class will include a generous lunch feauturing Natasha’s pickles and preserves and ample refreshments.