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Saturday 21st March, 10am to 3pm
Colin Kearley, Cheffields

In this hands on session learn the basics of butchery, knife care and the skills required to break down your own meat.

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Join our great friend, butcher & chef Colin Kearley as he helps you master safe and skillful home butchery.

Colin is a a career butcher currently working for Gippsland Providore Cheffields, and recently training as a chef under hatted restaurateur Trevor Perkins at Hogget Kitchen.

Share in Colin’s passion for produce prepared properly in this hands-on butchery workshop. This class covers essential techniques for breaking down different cuts of meat.

Learn how to identify the different muscles and cuts and what they are best used for. Learn to cleanly bone out a joint, chine a rack of lamb, trim chops, cutlets and steaks, as well as essential techniques including filleting, trussing and breaking down poultry.

Discuss dry ageing v wet ageing , the cooking and treatment of different muscles, knife care and any other butchery questions you may have

The class will include generous lunch and refreshments.