Butchery 101: Lamb

2019 - Season 2 - Lamb.jpg
2019 - Season 2 - Lamb.jpg

Butchery 101: Lamb


Thursday 20th June, 6.30pm to 9:30pm
Joel Young, 3J’s Butchers

Learn the art of butchery with a knife from one of Australia’s finest young butchers

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Back by popular demand, award winning, Rock n’ Roll, butcher Joel Young of old fashioned independent butchery 3J’s, returns to showcase his love of lamb and his exceptional butchery skills.

Joel is particularly talented when it comes to preparing our nations favourite meat; we can truly vouch for his skills as we entrust him to butcher our own home grown lamb, and we are never left with a freezer full of boring chump chops or unusable cuts.

In this nose to tail class learn the basics of lamb butchery taking a whole lamb and breaking it down. Joel will show you how to identify, treat and cook each muscle to get the best from your meat.

We will also share some great recipes and techniques for cooking both primary and secondary cuts of lamb including a perfectly slow cooked shoulder of lamb, meltingly tender sous vide back-strap, pimped up cutlets and more.

So strap on an apron, roll up your sleeves and learn to break down a lamb from start to finish. As with all classes the day will conclude with a shared meal around the String + Salt table so you can enjoy the food you have prepared during the class.