Butchery 101

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Season Two 2018 - Butchery 101.jpg
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Butchery 101


Tuesday 22nd May, 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Colin Kearley + Trevor Perkins, Hogget Kitchen

In this hands on session learn the basics of butchery, knife care and the skills required to break down your own meat.

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PLEASE NOTE: Change of Date to Tuesday 22nd May

Nobody knows meat better than Colin and Trevor.

Colin worked as butcher for 36 years before deciding to try out his culinary ‘chops’ and take on the challenge of completing his chef’s apprenticeship with Trevor at Hogget Kitchen.

Trevor, himself, grew up the son of a butcher and has always taken pride in butchering on-site at all of his restaurants.

If you have dined at Hogget Kitchen, the thought, passion and skill of Trevor and Colin as butchers is on full display - literally.  The carefully selected, locally raised dry aged lamb and beef used in so many ways on the menu is displayed in cabinets facing to the dining room.

In this hands on session, Trev and Colin will show you the skills required to break down your own meat. Topics covered will include:

  • Knife sharping and maintenance.
  • Boning, trimming, chining, filleting, frenching.
  • Aging and storing.
  • Primary and secondary cuts; choosing the most suitable cuts and muscles for different cooking methods.

When the knives are retired, join around the String + Salt table and enjoy  some expertly prepared cuts from the class.