Basic Sourdough

2019 - Season 2 - Sourdough.jpg
2019 - Season 2 - Sourdough.jpg

Basic Sourdough


Wednesday 24 April, 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Lucinda MacDougall, Lucinda’s Food

Learn the basics of great sourdough and more uses for your starter

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We welcome Lucinda back into the kitchen for an introductory class all about the joys of sourdough bread making.

In this class Lucinda will take you through the tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy starter and making, proving and cooking the perfect sourdough loaf. Lucinda will also show you some great recipes for using your excess starter too, including sourdough crumpets and sourdough pizza dough.

This will be a great class for those just starting their sourdough journey and those looking for some more tips to help improve your knowledge.

As an extra special bonus, each participant will get to take home their own sourdough starter.