Kitchen 101: Vietnamese Street Food

Vietnam Street Food 2.jpg
Vietnam Street Food 2.jpg

Kitchen 101: Vietnamese Street Food


Tuesday 14th November, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Anthony Branson, String + Salt

Delve deep into the back-streets of Vietnam cuisine

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Anthony will draw on his three years living and cooking in Vietnam to take you on a full aromatic experience of spices and herbs, that will excite your tongue and leave you feeling like you're deep in the back-streets of Vietnam.

In today’s class you will learn to prepare fragrant Vietnamese street food, experiment with the spices and familiarise yourself with the technique of the preparation of traditional dishes. Anthony will introduce you to some new experiences, while you will gain confidence to recreate the food of Vietnam at home to share with family and friends.

The menu will be inspired by some of Anthony's favourite street food as well as inspiration from his recent trip back to visit Vietnam. 

Images courtesy of Ant Branson