Kitchen 101: Thai Salads

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Thai Salads (1).jpg

Kitchen 101: Thai Salads


Tuesday 24th October, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Ying Flowers, Ying's Krua Thai

Traditional and fragrant Thai salads, spring and summer dishes full of flavour.

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Ying grew up in Bangkok with her mother who ran a small restaurant from the front of her house. Helping after school in the restaurant, Ying liked nothing more than getting into the kitchen and asking lots of questions.

Arriving in Australia 5 years ago gave Ying the opportunity to bring her dream to Australia, two years ago she opened Ying's Krua Thai in her new home town of Neerim South and it’s become a popular location for authentic Thai food.

In this class Ying will teach you how to make Thai salads and refreshing Thai summer meals, ready for the summer. Ying will teach you an all time favourite, the Thai beef salad as well as the exotic and flavoursome green paw paw salad. A Thai noodle salad will be on the menu along with other delicious traditional dishes. You will explore the fresh fragrant flavours of the Thai cuisine and walk away with a new skill set and easy to make at home recipes to impress your friends and family.

Ying is passionate about her cooking, the flavours of Thai cooking, ingredients and sharing the food with loved ones.