Kitchen 101: Modern Australian Tapas

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Kitchen 101: Modern Australian Tapas


Tuesday 3rd October, 6:30pm to 10pm
Michael Demagistris, east. Bar & Dining

A unique take on shared and fingerfood

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Tapas is the ‘it girl’ of the Australian dining scene and has been for quite some time.  There’s a casualness and friendliness offered by shared dining that make it the perfect cuisine for home entertaining.

Taking influence from Norway to Portugal, Japan to the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, Michael's tapas goes beyond the cuisine’s Spanish roots and is all the better for it.

With a nod to his time spent under the instruction of Rene Redzeppi at Noma in Copenhagen, part of Michael’s talent is his exceptionally appealing plating using unusual crockery and natural elements, foraged herbs, flowers, native spices, house-made spice blends, infused oils and vinegar, sauces and  ices.

Michael is passionate about creating flavours and combining ingredients to bring out the best of flavours in each dish. In this class you'll learn how to combine specific ingredients and spices to intensify and create the most amazing flavours to tantalise your taste buds.