Kitchen 101: Gluten + Dairy Free

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Kitchen 101: Gluten + Dairy Free


Tuesday 12th September, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Lizi Maskiell, Raw Harvest Cafe

Tips and techniques for preparing your own gluten and dairy free meals

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As a nutritionist with a passion for food, Lizi Maskiell has no greater satisfaction than putting a beautiful, nourishing meal on the table. Lizi established Raw Harvest, to provide deliciously simple snacks, treats and meals catering to all dietary requirements including gluten free, raw and paleo.

Since launching Raw Harvest has developed a very strong following across many local markets and most recently opening Raw Harvest Cafe in Newborough continuing her clean and nourishing food philosophy.

In this KItchen 101 class Lizi will present gluten and dairy free dishes to you, explaining the differences in techniques required when preparing certain dishes and the characteristics of the specific diets.

After this class you will be more confident to prepare your own gluten and dairy free meals, while understanding the health benefits and you will walk away with new and inspired ideas to create healthy dishes.