How Does Your Garden Grow

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2019 - Season 1 - Garden.jpg
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How Does Your Garden Grow


Saturday 23rd March, 9am to 3.00pm
Max + Jan Davey

A day out in a permaculture paradise

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Max and Jan are the definition of "Green Thumbs". A walk through their five acre property on the residential outskirts of Warragul reveals, a passion and knack for growing just about anything.  

Despite heavy frosts and clay soils Max has successfully cultivated avocados, guavas, turmeric, ginger, galangal, pineapples, sweet potatoes, lemongrass and all manner of herbs and flowers normally accustomed to tropical climes.  His orchard features myriad stone fruits, citrus and some more curious fruits uncommon in Australia

In hot houses and constantly rotated raised beds Max and Jan tend to a prolific collection of greens, herbs, onions, daikon, pumpkins, land cress, water cress, mustard greens, mizuna, lettuces, Cavolo Nero, kale and so many other delicious nutritious plants. 

Join Max and Jan and the S+S team for a day outside, tending to and tasting some of the produce plucked fresh from the garden. Max will give you his advice on hot houses, raised beds  soil health, creating rich, free draining humus rich soil, water saving, preparing compost teas, companion planting,  propagating from cuttings and any other garden question you may have.

The day will be completed with a shared outdoor banquet prepared with produces straight from the Davey’s garden complemented by locally grown organic lamb, house made sourdough and local wine. 

As a little bonus you will get take home a few of your own seedlings cultivated by Max and Jan to plant at home.