Kitchen 101: Advanced Beer Brewing At Home

2019 - Season 1 - Homebrewing.jpg
2019 - Season 1 - Homebrewing.jpg

Kitchen 101: Advanced Beer Brewing At Home


Saturday 9 March, 10.00am to 3.00pm
Adrian MacGeraghty, BrewSmith

Grain, hops, yeast + water...

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Adrian’s passion for brewing beer at home started in 2011 when he purchased his homebrewing book and kit.  Along his journey there was plenty of good tasting beer, but some…well not so great results. Unsure what was going wrong, what do you do with 30 litres of beer that doesn’t taste that great and not wanting upset any more friends with hit and miss beers, he decided to develop his own small batch beer making kit. 

He made lots of beer, drank lots of it and developed the first homebrewing kit that helps make quality craft beer at home.

Start you journey into small batch home brewing and learn how to turn raw ingredients ingredients into your own frothy.

Focusing on brewing boutique 5L batches, this will run you through the basics of brewing, the background of ingredients and how to do it at home including boiling, fermenting and bottling.