Kitchen 101: Fresh Pasta Making

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Season Three 2018 - Fresh Pasta.jpg
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Kitchen 101: Fresh Pasta Making


Thursday 23rd August, 10am to 2pm
Leigh Marino, Courthouse Warragul

Enjoy an a day out making authentic handmade pasta from scratch

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A self proclaimed Aussie Italian bogan, Big Spoon Group executive chef, Leigh Marino spent a stint of his early career training under world renowned Italian chef Carlo Cracco in Milan. As part of Cracco’s two Michellin Star team, Leigh was rigorously drilled in culinary technique which of course included pasta.  

More recently Leigh spent an extended honeymoon travelling through Italy taking joy in local traditional dishes and cooking at home with his new wife. With an appreciation for both the simple and sublime dishes of Italy, Leigh has returned with a reinvigorated passion for authentic peasant style Italian food.

Gather your eggs and flour, roll up your sleeves (tattoos optional) and make some seriously delicious pasta from scratch under Leigh’s expert guidance.

Leigh will let you in on indispensable tips, tricks and troubleshooting for making pasta at home while you work together to make delicious egg fettuccine, agnolotti and filled tortellini.

This class is all about big flavours and perfect textures; getting your hands dirty and having a laugh. 

After all that kneading and rolling sit down at the String + Salt table with a glass of wine to share a laugh and enjoy the fruits of your labour.