Umi no Sachi - Bounty of the Sea

2019 - Season 3 - Japanese.jpg
2019 - Season 3 - Japanese.jpg

Umi no Sachi - Bounty of the Sea


Wednesday 21 August, 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Saori Kojima, Saori Japanese Sauces

Japanese cooking with seafood and seaweed

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Nothing is more prized in Japanese cuisine than seafood , and a diet high lean fish and seaweed is believed to one of the major factors in Japanese longevity. Learn to lovingly prepare fish, prawns, squid and seaweed in simple nutritious Japanese recipes with our resident Japanese expert Saori Kojima

When Saori moved to Australia in 2011, she was happy to discover the fantastic range of food and ingredients available but realised it was difficult to find traditional Japanese sauces and condiments and started making them at home for her own enjoyment.  

SIx years ago, Saori decided to make her sauces her business.  She wanted to keep her sauces traditionally flavoured, rather than the westernised versions often found in Australia, a challenging task as none else in Australia was making anything similar.

Beyond her passion for traditional sauces, Saori has an immense passion for healthy Japanese cuisine, “I want to share my knowledge of easy, healthy AND delicious ways of cooking. I want to contribute to a healthier Australia!” She says.

Saori will guide you through making Sashimi Salmon Don, Japanese calamari harusame, Prawn Spinach and Egg Stirfry, Oysters with Ponzu and Wakame Fried Rice using her premium seasonings to compliment. .