Nostalgie Française - Food from Paris

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2019 - Season 3 - French.jpg

Nostalgie Française - Food from Paris


Wednesday 11th September, 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Lucinda MacDougall, Lucinda’s Food

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Our resident European cuisine expert Lucinda Macdougall, lived in Paris for two and a half years. She worked for a French family, studied French and also worked in a restaurant in the 17th Arrondisement. 

Every evening she would prepare dinner for the family and dine with them, sharing their day and quickly improving her French fluency. Her days in Paris involved daily market shopping, selecting three cheeses for the night’s dinner and fabulous fabulous wine. Ughhh I’m so jealous!

Lucinda, a self taught cook and qualified chef brings a lifetime of professional cookery, world travel and a passion for teaching to her hands on cooking workshops.  Her food reflects a respect for fresh seasonal ingredients, simple preparation and most importantly that a meal should bring joy and satisfaction. 

Her extensive culinary and dietary knowledge and her humorous approach make a class with Lucinda a joy, she loves sharing all the tips and tricks of the professionals, but her greatest aim is to help you learn to trust your palate, cooking food without the restraints and dictates of a recipe.

Come join Lucinda and see her lovingly reproduce some classic French dishes so you too can cook with French flair at home. In this class you will be making Potage Bonne Femme - Cream of Cauliflower Soup, Celeriac Remoulade with homemade Dijon mayonnaise, Winter bitter green salad with hot raspberry vinaigrette, chicken livers and bacon lardons, “Guard of Honour” Herb-crusted rack of lamb with potato gratin and to finish Apple Tarte Tatin with crème fraiche.