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2019 - Season 3 - Pasta.jpg



Tuesday 27th August, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Dave Cann, String & Salt

Enjoy an evening making authentic handmade pasta from scratch

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Roll your sleeves up and make some seriously delicious and authentic handmade pasta from scratch.

Dave will let you in on indispensable tips and tricks for making pasta at home while you work together to make delicious squid-ink egg fettucine, hand rolled semolina picci and easy orecchiette. Pasta isn’t complete without a little sauce, Dave will show you three different sauces, one oil based, one tomato, and one creamy

This class is all about big flavours and perfect textures; getting your hands dirty and having a laugh.

After all that kneading and folding sit down at the String & Salt table with a glass of wine to share and enjoy the fruits of your labour.