Moroccan Summer Feast

2020 - Flavours of the World - Moroccan (1).jpg
2020 - Flavours of the World - Moroccan (1).jpg

Moroccan Summer Feast


Saturday 29th February, 10 am to 3 pm
Michelle Cann, String & Salt

Colour, flavour and tagines

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Continuing her series of popular Middle Eastern classes, Michelle turns her attention to the sweetly spiced tajines, soups and pastries of Morocco.

Her travels to North Africa and the middle east to further her food knowledge, have cemented Michelle’s lifelong passion for Moorish, Arabic and Mediterranean style cooking and generous hospitality.  

In this class she will share her favourite home-style Moroccan recipes utilising a heady array of spices and seasonings as part of a shared feast.

As always Mich’s classes are hands on full of generous flavours and intended for sharing.