Low FODMAP Mediterranean

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2020 - Flavours of the World - FODMAP.jpg

Low FODMAP Mediterranean


Saturday 16th May, 10 am to 3 pm
Melanie Leeson, Mettle & Grace

A class for anyone wanting to incorporate more nourishing foods into their daily eating or for those suffering dairy and gluten intolerance.

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Mel has worked as a chef with a focus on vegetarian and whole foods for a number of years including stints as head chef at Monk Bodhi Dharma, My Goodness Organics and Pressed Juices. She recently launched her own business Mettle + Grace offering one-on-one personalised meal planning and cooking classes especially aimed at individuals with allergies, intolerances and food restrictions  

In this class Mel will share lots of delicious plant-based recipes for main meals, snacks and desserts all designed to nourish, heal and energise your body and mind and build your gut health and immune system this winter.

Menu will include;

*Gluten and Dairy Free

Burmese Tomato Prawn Curry
Sweetcorn Fritters with Pineapple Salsa
Rice Paper Rolls with Marinated Chicken
Thai Curry
Vietnamese Salad
Black Sesame Pudding
Matcha Cake
Coconut Cookies