Falcon Range Cookers

String + Salt is Australia's leading independent retailer of the amazing Falcon Range Cookers. We also are proudly use them in our cooking school.

Made in Britain for over 5 generations Falcon has evolved into Europe’s number one range cooker manufacturer.

Every Falcon cooker is made by hand in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, and benefits from over 180 years of manufacturing experience. Although technology has changed since 1829 when William Flavel first invented the Falcon ‘Kitchener’ cooker, the commitment to producing exceptionally engineered and beautifully designed upright cookers has not.

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DISCOntinued model clearance
Save 20% OFF RRP 

Now is the time to grab a bargain on a brand new Falcon cooker. The Classic range has just had a refresh and as such we have a small collection of the previous model Falcon Classic range cookers available for purchase at 20% OFF the regular retail price.

Classic Range Technical Specifications

Black, White + Stainless SALE
Save up to $1,000
on all models in black, white + stainless steel 

Purchase any NEW Falcon 90cm to 100cm Range Cooker in Black, White or Stainless steel and receive $800 OFF the regular price.
Purchase any NEW Falcon 110cm Range Cooker in Black, White or Stainless steel and receive $1,000 OFF the regular price.
This promotion will conclude on Sunday 30th September, 2018.

Where can you touch, feel, open, close, Falcon Cooker?
Display @ String + Salt, 42 Smith Street, Warragul 3820

Falcon Black, White + Stainless Sale 2018 - promotional details
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Energy Saving Panel

At the heart of the Professional+ 90cm FX / FXP upright range cookers unique construction is the Energy Saving Panel (ESP).  This removable panel allows you to switch from a full size oven that's great for cooking en-masse, to a more modest compact oven that uses less energy when cooking smaller dishes.  When the panel is in place the spare cavity acts as a handy plate warming facility, using residual heat from the adjacent oven.  The oven comes with both full width and half width shelving to use in full size or compact operation.  When not in use the panel and shelves can be stored in the full width drawer below.

PYrolytic cleaning

Turn the oven to this function and it literally cleans itself.  The oven will heat up to 450°C.  Once it reaches this temperature, the oven carbonises all cooking residue to a fine ash, at the end of the cycle all that is left to do is simply wipe away the ash with a damp cloth.  Exclusive to the Falcon Professional+ FXP.


Fallen in love with one of our Falcon cookers?

Attending our Falcon Cooker Demonstrations are a great way to you make the decision about which model to choose. You will get to see the magnificent Falcon cookers doing what they do best and taste the results. Rest assured you will not be disappointed and you won't go hungry!

Join the String + Salt as they demonstrate features such as the teppanyaki grill, the induction hobs and oven baking and roasting. We will demonstrate cooking a three course meal including the best roast chicken you've ever tasted.

Next Demonstration:
Thursday 20th September, 7pm
at String + Salt, Warragul

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