INGREDIENTS - per kilogram of meat

1kg lean pork
100g pork fat
33g fine sea salt
7g sweet paprika
5g dovme biber
1.5g fennel seed
0.75g peppercorn crushed
Salami Casings (Hog or collagen)


1/ Grind the pork and fat together, using a medium blade.
2/ On a large table add all the spices and mix in well
3/ Fry a little of the mixture to test for spices and seasoning. It should taste a little salty - this is critical for the curing process.
4/ Allow too rest for 12 hours covered in your CLEAVER (12°C) before filling casings. 
5/Using a mincer with the sausage filling attachment, pipe into casing/s
4/ Wipe down with vinegar and olive oil.
5/ Air dry the salami at in your CLEAVER at 13°C and 70% RH for approximately 4 weeks.