Sri Lankan Curries

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2019 - Season 4 - Sri Lankan.jpg

Sri Lankan Curries


Saturday 9 November, 10am to 3pm
Cheryl Nugent

Simple authentic Sri Lankan

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Cheryl Nugent is passionate about her Sri Lankan upbringing, its heritage and its food. 

We first met Cheryl when she generously brought some incredible home made Sri Lankan treats into the shop for us a few years ago. We were so excited at her delicious cooking we immediately asked her to teach a class in the cooking school and we’re delighted that she is returning.

Join us as Cheryl prepares a Sri Lankan feast like those that she cooks lovingly for her family and friends. 

You’ll learn to make Vadais, (savoury spiced split pea fritters) Sri Lankan style curry puffs, authentic Sri Lankan chicken curry, Dhal with spinach in coconut milk, fresh pea and raw cashew curry, Flat leaf parsley malung cooked with fresh coconut and spices and Cheryls’s sweet speciality - Love Cake.