Spring Garden

2019 - Season 3 - Gardening.jpg
2019 - Season 3 - Gardening.jpg

Spring Garden


Saturday 26th October, 9.00am to 12.00pm
Max & Jan Davey

How does your garden grow - spring tour..

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A year has gone by in Max and Jan’s garden and with the promise of Spring there is so many jobs to do and delicious vegetables and greens to harvest.

Each quarter we’ve been taking a walk through the Davey’s five acre property on the residential outskirts of Warragul to chat about what to plant, harvest, prune, feed and weed as the seasons change. Max and Jan’s passion and knack for growing just about anything is matched with their willingness to share their knowledge,

August and September are a great time to harvest herbs, greens, citrus and an especially busy time for prepping beds and planting everything from Artichokes through to Zuchinni 

At this time of year the Davey’s have plentiful silverbeet, kale, cavolo nero, green herbs, onions, daikon, land cress, water cress, mustard greens, mizuna, lettuces and more which you will be able to sample and talk to Max about maximising your green veg crops.

You’ll also have the opportunity to checkout the abundance of tropical goodies like, ginger, galangal, lemongrass in the sprawling hothouses.

Join us  for a morning outside, a warm cup of chai and a sweet treat on arrival then enjoy our quarterly tour around Max + Jan’s property. Discuss the best Spring planting tips, hot houses, pruning, raised beds  soil health, companion planting,  propagation and any other garden question you may have.