Gluten Free Baking

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GF Baking Squarespace Imaage - 2019 (3).jpg

Gluten Free Baking


Saturday 7 December, 10am to 3pm
Melanie Leeson, Mettle & Grace

Master family favourites using gluten free alternatives

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Readjusting to life without gluten can be stressful especially when trying to avoid heavily processed foods and stick to homemade cooking.

Probably the biggest challenges of a gluten life is baking. When it comes to family comfort food and celebration food, making tasty and well textured breads pastries and biscuits can be maddening or simply confusing.

Having lived a vibrant foodie life, while also juggling her own food intolerances and gut issues since her teens, Mel Leeson has worked as a chef with a focus on whole foods for a number of years. Her career has included stints as head chef at Monk Bodhi Dharma, My Goodness Organics and Pressed Juices. She recently launched her own business Mettle + Grace offering one-on-one personalised meal planning and cooking classes especially aimed at individuals with allergies, intolerances and food restrictions.  

Mel will be walking you through working with GF flour alternatives  including green banana flour, hemp flour, chickpea flour, almond meal, potato starch, tapioca flour, rice flour, teff flour, chia seed flour. 

In this class you will be cooking GF versions of familiar, comforting favourites including, Cheesy Almond Crackers + Dip , Spiced Banana Bread, Chocolate Brownies, Bread + Jam , Pizza , Sausage Rolls and Quiches.